Dot Creates – The Ultimate Blog Planner

Dot Creates – The Ultimate Blog Planner

If you’ve not heard of Dot Creates before then you are missing out. I could literally buy everything off there when I’m in my stationery mood. Whether you’re looking for Notepads, Stickers, Pens and Pencils, it’s all there to help create that dream desk and work space.

For Christmas I got this amazing ‘Ultimate Blog Planner‘ from Sam and it is quite literally my blogging companion. When I started blogging I saw so many people tweeting and recommending the Blog Planners from Dot Creates and now I see why. Quite simply, it does what it says on the tin, or should I say ‘front cover’.

Whether you are a new blogger, an established blogger or not a blogger, this planner is for everyone.

You can choose from different front cover designs online. There’s a spotty one (which I got) or there’s also a peach and grey version. Whatever takes your fancy (I’d have all 3 if I could! Maybe they could have changeable covers?!)

What I love about this planner is that it’s where my ideas, inspiration and motivation is all stored. And not just that but it is a 12 month undated planner, so you can start this whenever you like! Each month starts with a brilliant inspirational quote to get you in the mood, then there’s plenty of pages each month to plan your posts. You can use these pages however you like; the freedom is all yours, just like it is with your blog! You could even go the whole hog and spice up your planner with some stickers like the one’s Bexa got in this post here.

At the beginning of each month there’s a sponsored post page to plan any sponsored content too which is so handy. It’s easy to forget who the contact is for that brand you’re working with, not to mention the deadlines blending in to one!

I hate it when you’re writing on a page and then the ink seeps through to the other side. Not with this planner. The pages are such great quality that this doesn’t happen. Bonus. I love using my Stabilo Pens and these funky Stabilo Highlighters to brighten up my planner.


I like to plan my posts by jotting down bullet points of my ideas and then I go back to them whenever I get a moment of inspiration. There’s cute little reminders to remember  those links you need and photos, ready for publishing the post. On the final page of each month there is also a box so that you can update your social media stats and look back on these. How much more motivational can you get?!

I’d definitely recommend this blog planner, it has everything you need and is designed in such a fab way that you can make it your own to suit your needs. I love it!

So, who already uses a Blog Planner from Dot Creates? What else is on your wish list? Let me know below…

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47 thoughts on “Dot Creates – The Ultimate Blog Planner

  1. Yay for Dot Creates! 💖 I didn’t realise how much detail these planners have! The social media stats are so handy and remembering sponsored post deadlines is such a useful feature. Thank you for including my link Rebecca! ☺️ Great review (I want one now he he) and I your photos are brilliant! 😘 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Thanks for reading Bexa! You should get one – these are only £12.95 I think so really good value for the quality and options you get inside. I love mine plus you can use it however you like too! Win win xx.

  2. I have been drooling over this planner since I came across it last week! Wonderful review makes me want to press buy now!

    Soffy //

  3. I just love planners and anything hinting at organizing & doodling day tehe. This planner is so cute and really directed at bloggers, I Love it!! ❤️ I like the idea of a sponsor post section…lovely review and thanks for sharing!

    xx Lena |

  4. I don’t! But I am definitely saving this for later. I just got a bullet journal, haven’t started using it yet, but I’d that doesn’t work I’ll come back to this.

  5. I love Dot Creates the amount of time and energy that went into creating these blog planners was amazing I remember completing questionnaires when I was just starting out! Thanks for sharing this 😊

    1. You’re welcome! They do another one too, which is a bit more expensive and has other bits in but this one works fine for me at the moment xx.

  6. I love mine (spent last night with mine planning out my February), the only thing I think could make it better would be a blank monthly calendar with a small notes section. The only thing I don’t like about mine is that when I’m planning my posts they’re often not in order can find it hard to find a post plan sometimes x


    1. Yes, I’m the same. I just jot my post ideas down, then they end up being in random orders! I suppose you find a way that works best though xx.

    1. Ha ha that is an alternative method Lisa! I started off using any old notepad but then thought these would help be a bit more organised with my blogging! xx.

  7. I went to school with Danielle, who’s behind Dot Creates so it’s so wonderful to see so many people loving her products! She was always an amzing artist and designer so it’s brilliant that’s she’s used her skills to create such a wonderful brand and products! xxx

    1. Ahh that’s so cool Jenny! All the products she does are so popular and it’s great bloggers support her business too! xx.

  8. I’ve re-read this review so many times because I need this blog planner in my life! I haven’t ordered yet due to moving in the next few days but I love the layout and think it will keep me abit more organised (at the minute I’m keeping notes anywhere I can for post as I’ve packed the majority of things)! Thanks for sharing 🌹

    1. Awh thanks for your comment Laura! It’s a lovely planner and definitely worth getting. You don’t even have to use it just for blogging you can use it in everyday life too! Good luck with the move xx.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. The blog planner has got so many uses and ways to stay organised it’s perfect! xx.

  9. My stationary loving heart wants one of these so badly. However, I’m being good: I know I don’t really need one (which is quite sad). My blog has slowly started growing but it’s still it big enough to attract companies or sponsored content and I’m definitely not organised to plan anything in advance. Maybe in the future. Or, if my self -control crumbles; they are beautiful.
    Great post! 💕

    1. I didn’t have one to begin with but wanted something to motivate me to be organised and structured with my blog. And this definitely helps xx.

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