If you haven’t heard of Rubies in the Rubble you will after reading this post. Founded because of the growing problem with food waste, this is one brand on a creative mission to combat food waste. So much fruit and veg ends up in landfill every day, just because it doesn’t… View Post

As a small business blogger I absolutely love discovering new businesses (durr!). But when they are also local to me, just like Roundwood is, this is even more exciting. Emily and Rupert combined their passion for gin and love of the nearby woods, and after two years experimenting and perfecting… View Post

Starting up your own business reaps it’s own rewards I’m sure. But how about if you are actually recognised, by winning an award? Most of you are probably thinking I don’t have time to fill out forms, write pages of why I should win and then never hear back. Well,… View Post

My October Gin Box is the second one I have received from I Love Gin and I was super excited. If you missed my first gin-tastic review, you can check it out here. There is definitely something about an I Love Gin branded box arriving at your front door. And… View Post

Hopefully you are getting a ‘sea’ kinda feel from the title of this post. If you aren’t, keep reading and I’m sure you’ll get those kinda feels soon! Seatox is all about finding your inner sea vibes, being a mermaid and using some very natural skin care products. Well, that’s… View Post

If you’ve read my Small Biz Tip #2, you’ll have already seen me briefly mention about Twitter Chats/Hours. So many people either don’t know these exist, or just don’t utilise them to their maximum potential. If you fit into either of the above, please please please try and get to… View Post

Sometimes, you don’t know what to buy someone. Or, on the flip side, you know what to buy someone but you want to make it extra special. This is exactly where gift hampers and gift boxes come in. And they are becoming increasingly popular, especially when looking for that little… View Post

I’m always on the look out to try alternative ways of getting energy, instead of grabbing a packet of sweets or chocolate bar. I love reviewing small businesses, and even more so when there’s food involved. I’d seen Little Jem’s Kitchen get involved with my Small Biz Support Thread on… View Post