As an all-round cheese lover and host of cheese parties, a very special parcel arrived for me the other week as part of #MyGiftToYouDay. Inside was a beautifully handmade oak cheese board from the exceptionally talented Whispers of Wood. It was so well packaged and look at the ribbon and tag… View Post

Small Businesses supporting other Small Businesses is what it’s all about and The Local Collective are a fantastic example of that. But they aren’t just a business. As they put it, they are a space for story telling for the community. Influenced by the growing movement towards conscious consumption, we… View Post

Hopefully you are getting a ‘sea’ kinda feel from the title of this post. If you aren’t, keep reading and I’m sure you’ll get those kinda feels soon! Seatox is all about finding your inner sea vibes, being a mermaid and using some very natural skin care products. Well, that’s… View Post

I’m always on the look out to try alternative ways of getting energy, instead of grabbing a packet of sweets or chocolate bar. I love reviewing small businesses, and even more so when there’s food involved. I’d seen Little Jem’s Kitchen get involved with my Small Biz Support Thread on… View Post

This post is part of my #ShopSmall Blog Series For anyone that knows me, I am a big coffee lover. And as much as I like to spend time choosing the origin of my coffee, I also like to enjoy it out of a nice mug or cup. Mike Fish… View Post

This post is part of my #ShopSmall Blog Series 92blossoms are all about going back to basics. Environmentally friendly (FSC Certified). High Quality. Minimalist Designs. Ed and Sara, owners of 92blossoms, very kindly sent me some of their fabulous cards to review. The cards arrived wrapped in white tissue paper,… View Post

This post is part of my #ShopSmall Blog Series When Charlotte first contacted me about her small business Just Letters Boutique I was really intrigued. After snooping about on the website and Instagram, I was wowed. I absolutely loved the hand lettering on the cards and the trendy style these were… View Post

This post is part of my #ShopSmall Blog Series The Story Behind The Scented Bag Company I set up The Scented Bag Company as a hobby and now it’s taken on a bigger part of my life. I love creating things and have started with the Heat cushions and am… View Post