I’m sure there are many ways we are trying to do our bit for the environment. Whether it be buying bamboo toothbrushes and reusable cotton pads or buying from local farmers markets. It’s all helping the planet in one way or another. As a small business, being eco-friendly is something… View Post

Some of you may already be familiar with my #ShopSmall Special Offers blog page. If you’re not, I’d highly recommend taking a look, both as a shopper and seller. It’s full of plenty of wonderful small businesses and it’s a great way to support each other too. I think we… View Post

Starting up your own business reaps it’s own rewards I’m sure. But how about if you are actually recognised, by winning an award? Most of you are probably thinking I don’t have time to fill out forms, write pages of why I should win and then never hear back. Well,… View Post

If you’ve read my Small Biz Tip #2, you’ll have already seen me briefly mention about Twitter Chats/Hours. So many people either don’t know these exist, or just don’t utilise them to their maximum potential. If you fit into either of the above, please please please try and get to… View Post

If you are a Small Business owner then congrats. That’s such a big achievement in itself. But there may be times where you are scratching about wondering where your motivation has disappeared to. Well, if that happens, here’s a few ways you can help yourself stay motivated. Watch some inspirational… View Post

Sometimes with promoting and advertising, it’s about letting your customers do that for you. And that’s exactly what I see the most on Instagram and Twitter. People posting photos or tweets of the wonderful packaging their item/s has arrived in. And this is not only a positive tick against your… View Post

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter. The gateway to getting your business out there and increasing your customer base. But, are you really using it to it’s full potential? Check out these suggestions below to help you on your way to increasing your engagement and promoting your business, all by using one platform. Twitter… View Post

Now, as a Small Biz, there is not always a pot of money sitting around to be able to give everyone free items from your business. This is where social media and giveaways come in. If you are giving away an item and in return benefiting, it’s a win-win situation!… View Post