The Craved ‘Beer-Meat-Hot’ Crate

Craved London are all about curating craft food and drink made in Britain. Basically, everything I love. And when the most beautiful handmade wooden crate turned up on my doorstep, I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed at all.

“We believe in craft, flavour, and supporting the people behind the product. Our ambition is to make food personal again and help our producers thrive by allowing our customers to easily discover the tastiest food and drink made near them.”

I put a photo on my Instagram Stories when the crate arrived, and so many of you messaged me, intrigued as to what was inside. Well, the wait is over, you’re now going to find out…

Full to the brim and so thoughtfully packaged, it was literally like Christmas (again!). I don’t know about you but I get so excited taking every item out one by one. Everything is from an independent producer which is fab, and it’s such a great way to discover something or someone new.

Inside this ‘Beer-Meat-Hot’ crate, there was such a lovely variety of items, and they just kept appearing amongst the packaging!

I was honestly so impressed by absolutely everything. From the crate, to the packaging, to the design, to the amazing contents. I am just super lucky to have received one of these crates (huge thank you Craved!). I’ve already made a start on the Crisps (which were a delight) and the Chilli Cheese Sables with a slice of cheese, obviously. What a wonderful way to receive such a large selection of items, curated to your taste or occasion.

Craved offer a MASSIVE selection of gift boxes/crates so that you can find just what you’re looking for. Maybe something to curb those sweet cravings? Or to treat the favourite person in your life? If that’s not up your street then you can even make your own hamper. Sorted.

I also discovered on their website you can have a read all about their producers too, which I love to do as I always go and give them a follow on social media and browse their website for my next batch of inspiration!

I’m sure you’re now ‘craving’ your very own Craved purchase. Even if it’s not for yourself, I think these are crafted and curated so perfectly they’d make a thoughtful and impressive wedding gift or gift for a special occasion! I just love love love mine and I’m so lucky to have discovered this fabulous brand.

I’m off to devour some more of the contents…


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