A Cosy Night in with Popcorn Shed

You can’t beat a cosy night in with your favourite film and a bowl of popcorn, right? And it’s even better if it’s the award winning Popcorn Shed’s popcorn too.

I was recently sent a very lovely bundle of popcorn goodies from them, to enhance my movie nights and indulge whilst it’s Christmas. The first thing that stood out for me was the bright and imaginative packaging,depicting their very own brand name. Any guess? The boxes are in the shape of ashed. And this is exactly where the popcorn was brought to life.

Our popcorn is made with all natural, high-quality ingredients. We focus on innovation, flavour balance and texture combinations.Whether it’s nuts, chocolate, or fruit, our tasty treats are so much more than just popcorn.

Being creative with flavours is something they pride themselves on. Many years ago you use to get butter, sweet or salty popcorn. But take a trip to Popcorn Shed and you can such a great variety!

I was sent the Butterly Nuts and Pop ‘N’ Choc 90g Shed Box which are only £3.50 each. Then I was also sent a bundle of snack pack bags to try out the other flavours that they offer including salted caramel and cheese. I love the size of these as they are perfect for your handbag or to have in between meals.

The salted caramel was my absolute favourite flavour. I got one of my nibble bowls out, poured them in, and then sat down to watch a Christmas Film. Not to forget my fairy lights and onesie too. Talk about popcorn creating THE best cosy night in.

If you want to get creative with your popcorn you could even check out their recipes online. Yes, that’s right, you could make popcorn bark, a popcorn pancake stack or even popcorn rocky road. Heaven in a pop!

So, give the tasty gift of popcorn for someone (or yourself). With so many flavours to choose from, and beautiful packaging not to be missed, you wouldn’t want to miss out!


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