The Roast Club (Speciality Coffee Subscriptions)

  The Roast Club was founded by Stu and Eloise, a pair of committed coffee geeks who simply wanted to enjoy lots of different coffees from a lot of different speciality roasters.

I absolutely love being given the opportunity to try new and different coffee blends and beans. Coffee is a big part of my life and I love everything that goes with it. Stylish mugs, cafetiere, good company and everything else!

When I heard about the subscription boxes I thought it was a great idea. Not only for coffee lovers but to also discover more of the coffee that is out there.

I was kindly sent the April subscription box which contained 4 bags of coffee from independent speciality roasters. The design of them is so trendy and the packaging gives information about where the origin of the coffee is from.

You can have a choice of 2 different subscription boxes, both £18.99 and you can have the choice of receiving your coffee with labelled info or blank so that you can blind taste the coffee. This is really cool as quite often we already have our favourite coffee origins and naturally are drawn to these. So this is a great way to expand your coffee taste buds and discover something new.

Once I’d ground my coffee beans I either used them in my small cafetiere or put them in a little pot so I could easily use next time. What I find with beans is that you do need to use more than you would with ready ground coffee. I did make coffee the other day and it looked like tea! So I had to go and remake it and pop more in.

My favourite coffee out of the 4 was Slopes of 8 by Alpha Coffee. It is based in Austria and it’s fro a region in Kenya so you can guarantee great tasting coffee! I had mine nice and strong and it had a perfect deep flavour to it.

I really like that they are always on the look out for new coffee roasters and they also help promote your coffee and your business. Fab concept!

Have you tried this or a different coffee subscription before? What did you think?



  1. May 27, 2018 / 8:56 am

    My partner would love this! He has a coffee subscription at the moment which he adores, but this packaging is a lot prettier.

    Kay xx

  2. May 30, 2018 / 8:12 am

    A coffee subscription box is such a great idea! You can try new flavours which you wouldn’t normally buy in the shops. The packaging awesome, I love the pastel colours. It’s great that there is information on where the coffee is from too, that’s really interesting! Great review Rebecca and I love your photos! 💖 xx

    Bexa |

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