American Goodies Straight to your Door with Taffy Mail

I think we’ve all indulged every now and then in some American treats. It’s hard enough resisting them when you spot them in the supermarket, especially when you can get marshmallows the size of your plate! Well, now you can get your very own selection posted straight to your door with Taffy Mail. Genius.

Taffy Mail is pretty simple.

  1. Subscribe
  2. They create your order and pick your goodies
  3. You eat away with your fave movie

You don’t even need to break the bank either. Their ‘Lite’ plan starts off at a mere £7.49 per month, the ‘Classic’ is just £14.99 or you can go all out with the ‘Extra’ box for £24.99.

I was kindly sent the Extra box to review (I know, I was literally like a kid at Christmas ahhhh!). The box itself was sealed with Taffy Mail tape, so I knew instantly where it was from, but not what was inside. That was the fun part, and you may have spotted my doggy over on Instagram trying to help me unbox too! I got so many amazing godies inside, including a huge box of Super Mario cereal which I never knew existed!

I love that each box is a surprise with what’s inside and a wonderful opportunity to try new things. I highly recommend subscribing, especially so you can experience it all for yourself.

My absolute favourite in this box was the Moon Pie. Oh em gee. If you have not tried this, then run to your nearest computer and get your Taffy Mail Box ordered NOW (don’t forget to use the 10% code below). I heated it up in the microwave so that it had melted slightly and it was heaven in a pie. Seriously.

These boxes are perfect for nights in, families or weekends away and you can have your very own, with 10% off. Use code RREVIEWS10 and you’ll get 10% off for your first 3 months – although you can cancel any time!

Word of warning: DO NOT leave your box unattended at any point in the house. Thieves do come around and eat the item you’d been eyeing up for days. So, Taffy Mail, please could you provide secure padlocks on your boxes next time please (hahahahaha).

A massive thanks to Taffy Mail for being so generous and letiting me try the Extra box (and get quite fat at the same time!!).

Have you tried Taffy Mail before? What are your favourite American goodies?

*I was sent an Extra Taffy Box in exchange for a review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own*


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  1. October 5, 2018 / 8:26 am

    He he, I loved this review Rebecca! Your word of warning made me laugh! That is exactly what would happen in my house, especially when my mum pops over to visit (goodbye chocolate, ha ha!). Ooh the Moon Pie sounds sooo good, I’ve never tried one before but now I think I’m missing out. You got so many tasty treats! Great post, thanks for sharing! <3 xx

    Bexa |

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