Handcrafted Books by Sue Day

What I love about notebooks is that you can literally have about 50, and they all have their different uses. One for your to do list, one for your shopping list, your holiday inspiration, blogging, you name it!

Personally, I absolutely love having one that is that little bit more special because it’s been handmade and you know a lot of love has gone into it. If that sounds like you, Handcrafted Books by Sue Day is the Etsy shop you need to go to (and favourite whilst you’re there).

Whether you’re looking for a pocket notebook, a leather journal or perhaps something for a special occasion, Sue makes the most gorgeous notebooks I have ever seen. I mean, look at all the fabulous colours above!! And I have seen first hand just how much time and effort she puts in to each one. Not to forget, Sue is also doing her bit for the environment. Both the cork wrap journals (A6 and mini) are made with vegan AND eco-friendly Portugese cork which is amazing to see, and the reason these were featured in my Eco-friendly Gift Guide a few months ago.

Then you’ve got the very impressive Coptic Notebooks which are stitched by hand – amazing! You may or may not know but by binding the book this way, they lay flat on a table or desk so no more using your phone to weigh down the left side of the page… Genius!

But it’s not just beautiful notebooks Sue makes, these super unique and stunning Photo/Memory Concertina Leporello are proving to be popular. They’re such a creative way to store special memories and are perfect for the wedding season. The hand tied ribbon adds a lovely finishing touch and to know that something you’re buying has been handmade makes all the difference.

I’m always so envious of the gorgeous paper that Sue manages to find and I can’t wait to see what new designs will be popping up soon! Not only can you visit her Etsy Shop but she will also have a wonderful stall set up at these events throughout the year:

  • Reach Fair – Monday 6 May
  • Cambridge Made Tent at Cambridge Club Festival – Sunday 16 June (Father’s Day) 
  • Cambridge Open Studios Artist’s Marquee at Burwash – Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 July
  • Histon Handmade – Saturday 30 November

So, if you’re looking for a unique but special gift, or even a little treat for yourself, I’m sure you will find something that you will absolutely love!

As always #ShopSmall and support a Small Biz guys!


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  1. May 3, 2019 / 8:23 pm

    These are so lovely and would make such a cute present. I’m very impressed.

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