A Happy Pup Thanks to Milo’s Mail

I’m probably one of the many dog owners who loves to spoil their dog. Kiera only has to look at me and I feel guilty that I haven’t bought her anything in a while.

Cue Milo’s Mail. Code for dog heaven. The most fabulous dog subscription box paw-selected by Milo the Beagle himself, who chooses the toys, treats and accessories that go straight in. 

Kiera was well and truly spoilt when hers arrived (and I was blown away with cuteness and the thought that had gone in). I loved that it was personalised and fully kitted out for a pampered pooch. Kiera wagged her tail in absolute excitement and once the box was open couldn’t keep her nose out of it. So many new smells. So many new toys. Curiosity as to where doggy popcorn came from. She was in her element.

The box came with a letter, detailing everything that was inside, which I thought was a really lovely touch and made the experience very personal to dog owners. 

Here’s what was inside:
– A foldable water bottle, perfect for walks and travelling on the go
– Leggy Dog, as Milo calls him. A long legged toy Kiera loves to play with and keep in her bed
– Billy & Margot popcorn so that we can have movie girly nights together
– Paw Bakes Baking Kit ready for a baking session
– Squeaky biscuit which Kiera loves to sing to!
– A Purple Bow Tie, the CUTEST thing ever and Kiera absolutely loves wearing it (and obviously looks super adorable with it on too!)
– Good Boy Starfish Ball which she loves to fetch

Now, I’m a stickler for throwing things in the trolley for Kiera. £2 here, £5 there and it all adds up. I probably spend more on her than myself sometimes! This is exactly why Laura created Milo’s Mail, as a cost-effective way to spoil your dog. So for only £24.95 per month, I think this is an amazing value doggy box and covers all bases, plus you get to discover new little brands too.

A huge thank you to Milo and Laura for giving Kiera the opportunity to try Milo’s Mail. From her, it’s a pawtastic thumbs up and waggy tail. And from me, a grateful thank you for creating something that entertains our pooches, rewards them and makes them look ridiculously cute in a bow tie!

So it’s true. You can keep spoiling your pup, but with the added luxury of not having to leave the house. They give us so much love and in return you can give them even more back!

Let me know if you’ve tried Milo’s Mail before and what the best treat inside was for your pooch.

*I was sent a Milo’s Mail box to review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own*


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