Beauty Freebies

I’m sure anyone reading this loves a freebie. Who doesn’t? Even more so when it is a beauty related one. The excitement of getting home to envelopes and jiffy bags on the doormat is worth the small amount of effort. Then you’ve got the excitement of opening them and seeing what is inside. It may only be one sachet of face cream or it might be a bundle of sachets; however many, the suspense is still the same!

If you are anything like me, then trying different brands of beauty products is really useful when it comes to buying them. It is a great opportunity to try the product first, without spending a fortune and finding out it’s not the one for you.

Some of my beauty sample brands have included Neal’s Yard, Nuxe, Philosophy, Vichy, L’Occitane and Molton Brown, along with various perfume vials. This includes a wide range of products ranging from hand and face cream to serum and body oil. Whatever comes to mind when you think of a beauty product, that is what you could get.

So, the big question you are probably all wondering… how do I get them? There are a number of different ways to get your hands on some:

  1. Email or write to companies, expressing your interest in their product and ask if they have any freebies. You could offer to do an honest review in exchange for their product, albeit just on your social media page.
  2. Check out freebie websites where people dedicate their time to directing you to freebies. I’ve had some great ones this way, including a Gillette razor and Bio-Oil.
  3. Visit beauty counters, such as those in John Lewis. Sometimes you have to make a purchase but you often get a decent number of samples given to you as a result.
  4. If you buy your beauty products online, shop around and see if any are doing freebies with a purchase. L’Occitane are currently offering customers a free cleanser when you spend £55 on an online order (T’s&C’s apply).

Personally, I’d recommend writing to companies that you are interested in. There is no point getting freebies that are of no use to you, as there are often only limited samples, and someone else could make use of it. You also build up a good customer relationship with them and offering to review the product is quick and easy to do, especially if you’ve already got a blog.

When your collection starts booming, it is nice to have somewhere to store them, since you can’t possibly get through them in one go. I’m a big fan of upcyling and reusing things where I can (more blog posts will follow, so keep your eyes peeled). There is something satisfying about doing this. I’ve reused large jars to store my sachets in and a small box (I got some hand creams in) to store bottle sized samples. Both are easy to access and rummage through to find what you need.

Sample sized items are also ideal to take on holiday, particularly if you’re flying with hand luggage and have limited space for a bottle. I’ve managed to take a weekend’s worth of my beauty regime in sample sized items so it’s been perfect for me.

So what’s been your best beauty freebie?


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  1. October 16, 2017 / 7:47 pm

    My favourite sample freebie was perfume! Great to keep for travelling or in your handbag.

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