Spoiling your Dog Ethically and Luxuriously

Spoiling your dog is a given. After all, they are just a doggy version of a human bestie. But do you ever think about whether you are buying them eco-friendly and plastic-free goodies? No? Then I’ve found the perfect solution…

Spoiling your dog ethically and sustainably with Lamina Animal

Lamina Animal have all your luxury dog needs to hand, but with the environment and planet at the forefront of their business. All the wonderful accessories they offer are not just plastic-free, but they are also VEGAN!

As you can see from the picture below, Kiera was very kindly sent a generous selection to try out, because she is the perfect model for photo’s and because I love to spoil her too.

First things first, as the hoooooman that had to open the package, I was delighted to see how neat everything was wrapped in tissue paper and other recyclable materials. 

Inside there was a lovely handwritten card from owner, Charlotte, which was a really thoughtful touch.

After unwrapping (I had to DM Charlotte on Twitter as it was just all wrapped SO beautifully!) we had a look through what we’d got;-

Isn’t she a lucky pup?! As a dog that has problems with her paws, the Paw Balm is doing the trick so far AND it’s lick free! The soap stone has activated bamboo charcoal which is so handy for neuatralising smells and it also comes with a little reusable linen drawstring bag so it’s perfect for travels. This and the unscented soap, which is a beautifully handmade bar, are welcome additions to the washing regime.

The gorgeous calming oil is full of organic oils and ideal for stressful or unexpected events such as fireworks, visitors, or in Kiera’s case birthday candles and Christmas crackers! She hate’s bangs obviously, but she also hates clapping!!

I never thought I’d see both a plastic-free and stuffing-free toy,  but they’ve done it! Kiera loves carrying the butterfly around and then dropping it in her bed which is actually adorable.

I loved the addition of the magic dust to feed the bees – wild flowers in my garden is something I always make sure I have and seeing a bee always puts a smile on my face. 

Lamina Animal are a wonderful small business and Charlotte has been so knowledgeable and helpful whilst I’ve been communicating with her. I love the ethics, I love that everything is handmade in the UK and most of all, I’ve loved seeing Kiera happy and loving what she’s been sent! 

Remember guys, we should all be conscious of what we are giving to our dogs. There is no Planet B.


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