The Collar Club Subscription Box

Generally when you hear about subscription boxes you usually think skincare or beauty. But do you ever think DOG? Yup, dog subscriptions do exist and Collar Club do the most fantastic boxes, which are eco-friendly and 100% natural too.

As you can see, Kiera thoroughly enjoyed her doggy mail and took quickly to sniffing the Halloween themed box she was kindly sent. Generally each box will contain between 6-8 goodies, which is amazing! It could include anything from doggy favourite natural chews, natural grooming products or even a funky accessory to make them stand out!

Kiera’s thoughts:
Oh my pawness, a totally pawsome Howlloween box full of pawfect things. Usually my Mumma gives me boring standard tweats but this time I got to try THE BEST tweats and I’ve been bouncing around super happy. The cawwot and pumpkwin dental sticks have orgwanic coconut oil in and I’ve played with Mr Pumpkwin too as my Mumma stuffed him full of tasty tweats like the bug bakes to keep me occupied with. I told my Mumma I hoped Santa Paws would bwing me one for that thing beginning with C????

I absolutely loved seeing how eco the packaging was with the kraft tape and recycled packaging shred.

It’s also amazing to see that Collar Club donate to rescue centres too, by taking a % of the profits from each sale and putting them towards materials to make colourful collars and bandanas.

What a brilliant idea and it is heart warming to know they are making a difference. It’s really positive when a business gives back to charity or the community.

Kiera often has allergies to ingredients in food so it’s really accomodating that boxes can be tailored to avoid anything that may not agree with your pooch. As everything is so natural in the treats and full of goodness, she had no problems anyway. It’s also a nice touch that a recipe card is included too, so you can create and bake your very own natural, nutritious treats!

So, why not get your furry friend a monthly, bi-monthly or even quarterley box and watch your furry friend’s little face light up when they get their dog-tastic special gift from the postie!


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