Live like a Mermaid Thanks to Seatox

Hopefully you are getting a ‘sea’ kinda feel from the title of this post. If you aren’t, keep reading and I’m sure you’ll get those kinda feels soon!

Seatox is all about finding your inner sea vibes, being a mermaid and using some very natural skin care products. Well, that’s what I felt about it anyway! It was actually created by Tess and her “interest in finding natural and vegan alternatives to the synthetic and the chemical additives in skincare products.”

Seatox is vegan, organic and against animal testing.

Tess is passionate about sustainability, and the packaging you receive your fabulous items in is 100% reusable and recyclable. Helping the environment is something I’m also very keen on (check out my packaging post) and I was really impressed that Tess emailed me the info about Seatox as a way to cut down on paper too – what a simple but great idea!

Selkie Smooth Bath

Ok, so a bath with seaweed hasn’t always been on the agenda. Until Tess kindly sent me some Selkie Smooth Seaweed to try in my next bath. On a cosy Sunday afternoon I decided to embrace the inner mermaid in me and take the plunge (pardon the pun).

I was completely at one with the beach when I opened the packaging because I was overcome with a familiar smell of… you guessed it… seaweed! I popped the seaweed in the running hot water, added some oils and lit a few candles. All I was missing was some sun…

It was actually like having an unusual spa treatment. A bit like one of those mud wraps! And it was really relaxing to know how natural my bath was, alongside some of the fabulous benefits you get from using seaweed. Not only does it exfoliate and cleanse the skin but it is also full of anti-oxidants and retinol (Vitamin A).

I came out of the bath feeling revived and my skin felt honestly fab! Hydrated, smooth, and full of nutrients is how I’d describe it. Plus, I absolutely LOVE that this seaweed, straight from the ocean, can be reused again. Here’s to many more seaweed bath times! For only £6.95, you can bath like a goddess AND reap loads of incredible benefits!

Wild Kelp Face Mask

Tess also kindly sent me a lovely bag of wild kelp powder; organic and hand harvested from the west coast of Ireland. There’s plenty of recipes over on the Seatox website to make your very own face mask, or, you can use your imagination and come up with some yourself!

I popped some kelp powder into a dish and then added some body oil that I had in my cupboard (as you do). Just like magic, I had my own nourishing face mask! Spread onto my face (another candle lit) and a chillout playlist on Spotify, I was sorted for a good 15 minutes or so. When I washed it off my face was left feeling so soft and refreshed. I felt like I’d had a right old good detox.

I am so pleased to have discovered Tess and her fabulous little business Seatox. It’s such a wonderful way to connect with nature and try to use natural alternatives rather than those pumped full of chemicals. Give it a go and get a 10% discount using code ‘BLOGGERGIFT’ on the check out online.

As always, #ShopSmall and support a Small Biz. Want to follow Seatox on Social Media? Just check out their links – Instagram | Facebook

Have you tried Seaweed or Kelp before? What other natural products have you used?


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