Small Business Story Telling with The Local Collective

Small Businesses supporting other Small Businesses is what it’s all about and The Local Collective are a fantastic example of that. But they aren’t just a business. As they put it, they are a space for story telling for the community.

Influenced by the growing movement towards conscious consumption, we were determined to search the country for the best sustainable, honest-to-goodness products created with care and love by small local businesses around the United Kingdom.

One box. At least 5 gorgeous gifts inside. Delivered straight to your door. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Michelle and Ashely are the brains behind this wonderfully unique idea and when my box arrived I was super excited. It’s a little bit like Christmas because you don’t know what you’re going to get inside, which is definitely part of the experience. Amongst the cutest packaging and beautifully branded box were some amazing items from other small businesses across the UK.

In my box I received a lovely selection of carefully thought out items:

I love the variety, ranging from skincare to self care treats. The booklet provided gives you the fascinating story behind each business including their passion for starting, why their business is what it is and what they produce. This is a really nice aspect of the box, particularly because I think it’s important to understand the stories behind businesses and how you are supporting them when you purchase their products. Plus, there are some great discounts being given by these small businesses which you can find on my Shop Small Special Offers page.

A huge amount of thought, care and detail clearly goes into these gorgeous boxes. From the stylish, simplistic packaging, to the wonderful contents, every little detail has been taken care of. And for just £45 per month, you can either get a recurring subscription OR a one time box of the month. Perfect for you, or perfect as a gift.

It’s honestly a brilliant way to discover small businesses, try new products and understand their passion behind their business. Please support The Local Collective in their new wonderful adventure and buy your box today!

Have you heard of the The Local Collective before? Will you be adding this to your wishlist?

*I was sent a box to review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own*


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