Sustainably Shaving with the Rose & Thorne Razor

Have you ever thought about whether or not you’re your razor is eco-friendly? Do you just throw it in the bin, nip to the Supermarket and pick up another?

Double edged safety razors are a little bit daunting for women, but if you could have a closer shave and reduced skin irritation all whilst doing your bit for the environment, why would you say no?

Eco Razor in the bathroom with certified cotton ethical pouch

The Rose & Thorn double edge safety razor is really not as scary as it looks.

You can even get a starter kit so that you are fully kitted out right from the off. It comes with the razor blade disposal tin (genius idea!) and a pack of 5 Gillette sharp edge razor blades. Convenient or what?!

When mine arrived it was the packaging that stood out for me. Stating the obvious, completely plastic-free… duh! The razor was in a sweet little eco cotton pouch, inside a beautifully designed embossed box. Lots of lovely tissue paper too (which I always reuse). There was a big smile on my face and a quick Twitter message to say how impressed I was with it.

Eco Razor with plastic free packaging in a recyclable box

It is just aesthetically pleasing on all levels. I love the minimalistic design and that it’s straight to the point. No fancy colours or design, just one sleek metal razor.

The razor itself is lightweight and there was a handy little guide on the website to show you how to load the blade. 

Now on to the shave. At first I was a little bit cautious, I’m sure I’m not the only one! But after a few attempts, it’s safe to say I am SO impressed by how smooth it leaves my legs and it’s true that you don’t need to apply any pressure – this beautiful Rose & Thorne eco razor ticks all of the boxes.

Eco Razor with Gillette Blades and Blade disposal tin bin

To keep with the eco-friendly theme I am storing mine in an up-cycled large jam jar that I’ve got. I thought it looked pretty cool in the bathroom and helps to dry the razor off.

To be fair, this is an absolute no brainer addition to your skincare regime.

Not only will you help your bank balance (add up how much you spend every time on corporate giant razors… I promise you will be shocked!) but after all, we should be sustainably shaving and changing our blade not our razor.

Shop the collection HERE and get 10% off order over £20 using code ROSE10


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