Small Biz Gift Guide – Pins

Pins Pins Pins. I’ve got your pin collection COVERED. If you want to create or build upon your collection, you are in exactly the right place. It’s like pin heaven!

I’ve put together this Gift Guide to help you discover new pins, new small businesses and to encourage you to #ShopSmall. So sit back, scroll through and see which ones take your fancy. Don’t forget, if you do buy one, get your snaps on social media and help these businesses grow!

Angela Chick

Starting at £7

You may have seen Angela’s amazing designs out and about as she does a lot of artwork for the brilliant Just a Card campaign. But pin-wise, she has so many cool ones to choose from on her website, I really love the Diamond Heart Enamel Pin – perfect for besties or just to give to someone who is all-round a diamond! I absolutely adore the funky designs and that there is a pin for everyone… pizza lovers, animal lovers, bike lovers, the list goes on.

Lily in Space

Starting at £6.50

Lily has a massive Pin Collection in her Etsy Store featuring both enamel and wooden pins. I really love the witty and clever puns on some of them including the ‘For Fox Sake’ on the enamel pin below. I’d probably be wearing that one all day at work! You can even get a beautiful set of 3 Wooden Animal Pins (also available separately) for £18 which are a super cute addition to bags or coats.


Hatchling Makes 

All pins £7

Tash has a fab Acrylic Pin collection here, all of which have been inspired by her wonderful 100 day project. From a Puffin to a T-rex, you won’t be disappointed. All pins have colourful and arty geometric designs and are perfect for any animal lover or just those like me with a soft-spot for cuteness. Below is a sneak peek of the Puffin Pin because this is just the cutest (and my fave!).

The Penguin Patrol 

Starting at £3 (in the sale)

Literally, if you want anything penguin related, then The Penguin Patrol is right where you need to be. You can get Pepe the Pin-guin himself, for only £3 in the sale right now! He’s a super cute design and a great little companion for your day.

The Lazy Lemon

All pins £6.50

I previously did a review for The Lazy Lemon which featured the Lemon and Tea pins (you can read here). I’m drawn to the simplistic, yet realistic, designs and colours that Holly uses, my favourite being the Strawberry Enamel Pin. Obviously I love strawberries, so that’s great, but as a big tennis player, this Strawberry Pin reminds me of beautiful summer days hitting a ball on the court, with the sun shining.


Starting at £5

There’s plenty of pun-ny pins over at Eweniverse ranging from baaaat sheep to baaar code sheep. All sheep scenarios have been cleverly covered and are perfect to brighten anyone’s day. I just love the thought that has gone into these pins and the cute designs that have emerged. I think my favourite has to be this Cucumbaaaaa Pin! Keep up the pun-derful work Craig!

The Treasured

All pins £7

You can choose from 3 lovely pins over on The Treasured website and there is even a Christmas Let it Snow pin for those feeling a little festive! I love the gold plating on them all and the simple but creative designs. The Pink Rabbit Enamel Pin is a winner with me. Super sweet and a lovely gift for a pin lover (especially at Easter!). Plus, look at the cute bunny tail!!

Ted and Kip

Starting at £3.75

If you want an ‘every occassion covered’ selection of amazing colourful pins, head over to the Ted and Kip Etsy Shop. Unicorn’s are literally everywhere at the moment, so to be honest, if you haven’t got a unicorn pin, you can get one right here and up your unicorn game. Or, if you can’t decide on just the one pin, there is a special deal where you can get a bundle of 4 for only £20.

Sow Spirited Gifts

Starting at £4.99

Caling all Harry Potter lovers. I’ve found you your dream pins, all in one place on the Sow Spirited Gifts website. Platform 9 and 3/4, Golden Snitch and your very own Hagrid are some of the themed pins you will find. I’m a big fan of the Hedwig Pin Badge, just because I really love owls and think this is a cute pin to have around!

Load of ol’ Bobbins

Starting at £3 (in the seconds sale)

The fact that there are Suffragette inspired pins in the Load of ol’ Bobbins Etsy Shop is fabulous! Such encouraging pins with a piece of history behind them. I love how encouraging they are and just a reminder to stop and think sometimes, with ‘Make your Mark‘ or ‘Deeds not Words‘ pins available to add to your collection.


Well that’s all the pins for now folks. Hopefully I’ve given you some pin-speration (I had to laugh at my own pun there) to add to or start your own pin collection. After all you’re supporting a Small Biz and still managing to #ShopSmall at the same time!

What pins do you already have in your collection? Or which ones are on your wish list?



  1. September 12, 2018 / 2:17 pm

    Awww yay! I want all the pins! He he! So many cute & fun designs, I especially love the For Fox Sake Pin, very clever. I’m loving the pun pins by Eweniverse too, cucumbaaa is brilliant! I need to check out the baaacode one as well. The unicorn by Ted & Kip is super cute. Thank you for all the pin inspiration Rebecca, I’m definitely going to check out these shops <3 xx

    Bexa |

  2. September 13, 2018 / 10:17 am

    These are so gorgeous, Rebecca, wow, such a variety of colour and quality! Flora is a huge pin fan so we’ll have to take some time to browse these shops for a few more additions to her school bag. My favourite here is Cucumbaaaa too, hehe. Fab post, so kind of you to share! xx

    Lisa |

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